July 2013

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Love Him or Leave Him But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab’ by Loni Love

Washington Informer:

The man you love obviously speaks a different language than you speak.

How else do you explain that you can see the fool’s lips move but you can’t understand a single thing he says when he says you’re the only one for him, he was at his mother’s (until 3 a.m.), he looooves you? He’s talking some other language that you don’t (and don’t want to) speak.

Maybe it’s time to leave him. Then again, maybe not – you can’t decide. Or maybe you need real advice, which you’ll find in “Love Him or Leave Him But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab” by Loni Love.

When Loni Love was a teenager, she had a BFF named Peaches who had poor taste in men: Peaches was sure her “businessman” boyfriend was successful and wealthy; Love knew he was selling drugs. She tried to warn her friend but one night, Love heard gunshots and soon afterward, she did 17-year-old Peaches’ hair one more time – for her funeral.

Peaches’ death taught Love that too many women sacrifice too much to be with a man. And so when Love decided to leave an engineering career to become a comedian, she made it her “personal mission” to remind women to put themselves first, which is the first and most important step in finding a relationship.

Love says she enjoys going on first dates because they’re great opportunities to gather information and get a free meal. After the first date, she says, move forward cautiously and be prepared: smart women stay safe.

Think twice before confessing your past, sharing guilty feelings, or moving in together. Know when it’s time to break up with your man (and how to do it), know how to get over him and move on, and know when it’s time to tap into your “Detroit Debbie.” Learn the only reasons for giving a guy a second chance. Get advice on dealing with his mother, his kids, his kids’ mother, and his friends. Memorize Loni Love’s Signs of a Faithful Man, so you know when he’s not.

Finally, remember: if it makes you happy… do it!

There are really two reasons to love “Love Him or Leave Him But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab.” Number one, it’s funny. And number two, though some of the advice is meant in jest, most of it’s quite useful.

There’s no wallowing in man-misery allowed when you’re reading this book. Author and comedian Loni Love speaks bluntly and truthfully while advocating that women stand up for themselves, take back their strength, and stop being wimpy – whether they’re in their first romance or their fiftieth. Along the way, we meet Love’s ex-loves, her wild and clueless friends, and her bawdy, wonderful sense of humor.

If you’re dating, mating, situating or tired of relationship drama, then this book may give you what you need to get your mojo back. If that’s you, then grab this book because “Love Him or Leave Him But Don’t Get Stuck with the Tab” speaks your language.

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Star rising: Loni Love’s advice book, TV series


Steve Harvey move over, there’s a new relationship sheriff in town.

Frequent guest on Chelsea Handler’s chat show, comic and Detroit Diva Loni Love took her engineering education and turned it into comedy gold in 2003, and has never looked back.

Fox and reality TV genius SallyAnn Salsano have cooked up a cool TV chat show of their own with ‘The Real,’ and Ms. Love is one of the anchors. She has a new relationship book too.

Joining her on ‘The Real’ are Tamar Braxon, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. For us, Love is the ticket to tune in.
Think “The View” with real comic force and snap.

EP SallyAnn Salsano, the hardest working woman in show business and seemingly made of metal parts, is producing the series which airs weekdays at noon after Kris Jenner’s new show.

“The Real” hopes to follow in the footsteps of Williams, Bethenny Frankel and TMZ, whose shows were picked up full-time by Fox after successful summer test runs.

Love is on fire currently. The comic has a fresh and funny relationship book filled with witty down-to-earth advice on love, sex, and dating. Loni delivers answers to women’s most pressing relationship questions along with plenty of hilarious been-there-done-that tales—from hooking up to breaking up to everything in between.

As Loni says, “You can love him or you can leave him, but the day a man starts taking advantage of you is when you need to remember that putting yourself first is the most important step in finding love. That’s the foundation for all the advice I give, because it’s a message so many women need to hear, over and over, like multiple orgasms.”

If you’re in a great relationship, Loni gives tips on keeping it strong. (Love him.) If you’re having problems that seem insurmountable, she tells you how to extricate yourself from difficult situations. (Leave him.)

But no matter what, don’t let yourself get bullied, cheated on, or taken advantage of (aka Stuck with the Tab). Every woman deserves a healthy, satisfying, exciting love life, so what are you waiting for? Loni Love has all the answers


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