September 2019

Comic Loni Love Gets Excited About the Lexus NX 300h’s Design and Tech

Comic and co-host of The Real, Loni Love is a long way from her 18-hour days at the General Motors factory, where she started working as soon as she finished high school.

“I have more respect for cars because back then when I was working at the General Motors plant, it was an assembly plant. This is before robotics; I used to have to build car doors. They called it ‘the tram,'” Love says of her job. “I can’t remember the car, it used to have carpeting, and you would have to put the trim in the door. It was a carpet, and you’d put the door handle, the window handle, you would put that in, and we used to do 500 a day.”

The Detroit native still recalls the long shifts at GM. “We used to work Monday through Friday 18 hours a day, 10 hours on Saturday, and eight hours on Sunday, and that’s what made me decide, ‘You know what? I’m going to college,'” she tells MotorTrend, with a laugh.

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