Inside the Scene at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards

Members of the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild gathered Saturday night in downtown Los Angeles to hand out their annual awards in film, TV, commercials and live theater.

The event was hosted by The Real co-host Loni Love who, surveying the room, said, “There’s more highlights here than at the Super Bowl and, with the amount of foundation here, we could build Trump’s wall.”

Love brought up the controversial decision made by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to hand out the Oscars for makeup and hairstyling, as well as the statuettes for cinematography, film editing and live action short, during commercial breaks. “We are vital to making movies. Can you imagine if we didn’t have hair and makeup for the movies? They had to change because they had all that backlash,” she said. “Sending actors to the Oscars on the red carpet without makeup and hair just wouldn’t work. They need you guys. … Without hair and makeup, society would be thrown into chaos.”

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‘The Real’ co-host Loni Love has her eyes set on late-night

Loni Love wasn’t supposed to be a comedian. Her pursuit of an engineering degree from Prairie View A&M University was proof of that. But while in college, hard up for money for books, she participated in a local bar’s competition in which the person who could tell the best story would win $50. She took home a crisp Ulysses S. Grant, along with the comedy bug.

That first time on stage led to a consistent side hustle in stand-up as she completed her college degree. Upon graduating, she got a job in El Segundo “because Fred Sanford was from El Segundo,” she said.

“Yes, that’s how I picked my life choices,” she laughed.

She worked at Xerox as an engineer for eight years, unhappy along the way. After a fateful night at the Comedy Store, however, when the lineup consisted of just one woman, Love got back into the comedy habit.


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Loni Love Was All Of Us When She Finally Met Idris Elba

Comedian Loni Love has publicly proclaimed her love for actor Idris Elba on numerous occasions on ‘The Real.’ Despite both stars being in the entertainment industry, they had never met face to face, until now.

Loni is floored when Idris Elba surprised her on set. She immediately ran away from ‘The Mountain Between Us,’ star as he yelled, “Okay Loni, it is time.”

When they finally embrace, the British actor proclaims, “You’ve shown me so much love.”


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How I Get It Done: Comedian, Actor, and Co-host of The Real, Loni Love


Loni Love is one of the hosts of talk show The Real, a stand-up comic, and a writer; she’s appeared in dozens of movies and TV shows. She worked as an engineer for the first half of her career, though, before she decided to become an entertainer. Now she films her talk show during the week and performs stand-up on the weekends. She just came off a 60-day detox that she says helped her not feel tired all the time, and she has one great trick for people who travel a lot. Here’s how she gets it all done.

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