Loni Love has a seemingly ubiquitous presence on television.

She has appeared as a correspondent on “Dr. Oz” and on “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” (during which she covered President Obama’s first inauguration). She can be seen providing commentary for VH1’s “I Love the…” series, she’s a regular panelist on “Chelsea Lately” and she’s made numerous guest appearances on other television shows.

This is just a small portion of her ever-expanding catalog of television projects, a mode of exposure she has come to greatly appreciate.

“Most of the time for comedians it’s better for them to do a television show because people get to actually really know who they are as a comic,” Love said. “So for me, I like television a little more.”

She has also appeared in various feature films such as Soul Plane, and even dabbled with acting in serious dramatic plays, though it wasn’t for her.

“When you’re a performer you should try all forms of performing, and that’s what I did, but my heart is with comedy.”

Her comedy interest began when she performed at amateur standup events during college. Love went on to get a steady job as an electrical engineer, but continued to perform comedy on the side, and became a finalist on Arsenio Hall’s reboot of “Star Search.” Soon after, she became a full-time comedian.

“One day at my engineering job we were having layoffs and I said, ‘Lay me off and save somebody else’s job,’ and I became a professional comedian.”

Critics and fellow comedians quickly took notice. She won the Jury Prize for “Best Stand-Up” at the US Comedy Arts Festival, and made it onto “best of” lists for Variety and Comedy Central.

Love is proud to help represent a growing female voice in comedy, and commends performers such as Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for their hard work and success in a shifting industry.

“Now people are starting to see that the female voice is a little different than the male voice, but when it comes to comedy funny is funny.”

And being funny is what Love does best. Throughout all of her endeavors she always has one goal: to make people smile.

“As a performer there’s nothing greater than standing there looking at people laughing.”